5 Reasons Why Women Reject You And What To Do About It


Hey there, this is Clay with Relationship Inner Game. Today we’re going to be talking about five reasons why women reject you.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into this because I know a lot of guys don’t like rejection. But let’s just kind of go ahead and get into it. What you’ll discover is probably not as bad as you think. I can tell you this as a guy who had been rejected a few times.

1. You’re using the wrong approach.

The first reason why women reject a guy is he just has the wrong approach.

Maybe he said something a little edgy like, “Hey, you want to get together? There’s this great bacon place across the street.” And she’s like, “I’m a vegetarian.”

You might just have the wrong approach. That’s one reason why you might get rejected. You might just want to work on either how you’re approaching women or maybe it was the wrong woman at the wrong time. We’ll get to more about this later.

2. You’re giving off a bad vibe.

The second reason why you might get rejected is you had the wrong vibe.

If you have the wrong vibe, attitude or mindset when you approach a woman, it can also cause you to get rejected. You could say the exact same thing as somebody who has a totally different mindset and you might get rejected.

Somebody else might be really relaxed and cool and say, “Hey, what’s going on? How it’s going on? My name is Clay.” Maybe she’ll end up talking to him, flirting, giving him her number or even going home with him, who knows? Right?

Say you go up to her and you’re really anxious, shy and awkward, or maybe you’re not used to approaching women.

And you say, “Um ahh, ha- ha hi, my name is Clay.” And your hands are shaking and it’s like the slimy cold limp fish or something like that. Then you might get rejected. It’s just a matter of vibe.

You need a warm, welcoming, open vibe. That is something that requires more focus on your inner game, advanced relational skills and that we talk about over on our website here.

You definitely want to make sure that you get that vibe and your approach handled.

3. It’s bad timing.

The third reason that you might get rejected is because it’s just bad time, right?

Say you go up and to a woman and she’s just having a bad day, or is in a bad mood. Maybe she just go fired. She might not be in the right headspace to flirt, talk or give you her number. Maybe she just went through a bitterly bad breakup, you don’t know.

It just might be wrong timing and, the main takeaway is it has nothing at all to do with you. It’s just totally circumstantial. Not your fault, nothing you did, just wrong timing and that’s important to keep in mind.

4. You approached her in the wrong context.

Maybe you just approached her in a way that wasn’t fitting for the context. Maybe you approached her at a bookstore using the way that you would approach a woman at a nightclub.

So, you want to be careful of the context as well. Context is also based around her own emotional world as well too. If she’s having a bad day or for some reason upset, maybe she just found out one of her loved ones died– then you might not have success.

For these last two, it’s really important to know that most of the time it really has nothing to do with you.

Of course, if you’re observant, you can think to yourself, “I’m in a bookstore. I’m not going to approach somebody the same way I would in a loud noisy bar.”

Sometimes the context isn’t necessarily so much about the surrounding environment but her internal environment. And that’s something that you can’t necessarily see all the time. So, her rejection might not necessarily have anything to do with you.

5. You gave up too soon.

The fifth and final reason that you may have been rejected is because maybe you weren’t actually rejected at all but you just gave up to soon.

Say you go up and talk to a woman and she’s in a little bit of bad mood. She says, “Hey, go away. Leave me alone.” And you think, “Oh man, I was rejected. Dammit!” And then you go sulk somewhere and cry in a pint of beer.

In reality, you may not even have been rejected.

Sure, she may not be in a good mood but maybe if you were just a little bit more persistent and said, “Hey, you told me to go away. We don’t even know each other yet and you’re already telling me to go away. That’s awfully presumptuous of you.” She might laugh. Then you say something like, “Ah, there you go. I knew you had a smile inside of you.”

Suddenly you have a conversation going.

That kind of thing can happen when you are more persistent and don’t take the first sign of negativity as rejection, then blow it out proportion through your own thinking and assume the worst.

Obviously, if she really doesn’t want you there, excuse yourself from that situation. But, if you can push things a little bit further, try it. You don’t have to give up at the first whiff of negativity.

Oftentimes, you may not even been rejected at all, you just didn’t push hard enough.

I hope this has helped you understand why you’ve been rejected in the past and given you some ideas about what you can do moving forward.

Again, this has been Clay with Relationship Inner Game.

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