How To Attract A Woman In 7 Easy Steps


how to attract a woman

Women are very, very good at determining your intentions. Studies have shown that we are 10 times better at discerning body language than men. What does this mean for you?

You’re going to have to sharpen your skills to a razor fine point.

Read on for how to do this.

1. Take care of your image.

Make sure that you come across as a good, wholesome guy. Don’t be afraid to be complementary of other people, and never, ever argue needlessly. Arguing and being contrary is the kiss of death with a woman.

Also, don’t apologize unless you actually screwed up. If you go around bowing and scraping, I won’t respect you, and she won’t either.

Women adore guys who everyone else likes. Make sure that you’re friendly and outgoing to everyone, but steer clear of flirting with other women in front of her. This comes off tacky, and she’ll run for the hills. Eyes on her.

2. INSINUATE about sexuality.

If you fail at subtlety, SKIP this step. If you can, inject little sexual comments into the conversation, not about her. Something like “My favorite things are baseball, kissing, and I’m not at liberty to mention the third”, then smirk a little.

This keeps her wheels turning in your direction, and makes her curious about you. Curiosity is a good thing. If you take away all curiosity in any situation, lets face it, that’s boring.

Note: If you can’t mention the big S (sex, you know your mind went there) without getting all smutty, avoid the topic at all costs.

3. Compliment her on the opposite thing that everyone else does.

If she’s a stunner, you’re now ignoring her looks. If she’s really smart, you’re not telling her that. You’re best off complimenting her on something that other people don’t talk about all the time.

Women who hear they’re beautiful all the time need to hear it LESS from you. This isn’t because you’re doing something awful like negging them, it’s because you want to stand out.

When you compliment a woman on the same thing that every other guy does, she’ll think “he’s just like all of the rest of them.” That’s why you should think unique if you want to toss out a compliment.

4. Hint very gently about other women liking you.

Humans are very susceptible to what other people think (you’ve heard about the attention your married friends get… it’s similar). Other women’s opinions are like references on a resume. If you’re likable by others, she’ll notice.

5. Show tiny weaknesses.

If you are prone to coming off like a wounded deer completely on your own, this is another step to skip. But if you’re a normal guy, a really good tip is to choose something minor and show that it affected you emotionally in some way.

Women love the guy who is tough, but has little quirks.

Note: This doesn’t mean you should sob during the romantic movie you went to see together. Women still don’t like total wussies.

6. Space and time management.

This one is interesting. You need to give her some time after she sees you to think about you and fantasize. Don’t see her for a few days. Don’t call her constantly. Don’t be predictable or clingy.

If she knows that you call every Friday at 5pm, and you stop, she’ll just be annoyed because you’re inconsistent. However, if your schedule varies and you give her time to think about you, this works wonders in keeping you on her mind.

Nothing has a woman wracking her brain more than a guy who she has a romantic night with, enjoys, and then who disappears for a few days.

She’ll endlessly talk about you and analyze it with her girlfriends. This is a good thing, unless you let it go too long. Don’t wait more than 3 days to talk to her again unless you want her to hit the road.

When you’re around her, slightly invade her space. Touch her arm, put your hand on the small of her back when you’re walking somewhere. Open her car door. Women are total saps for the car door open, me included.

7. Keep conversations light and flirtatious.

Always, always make her laugh. Don’t endlessly talk about yourself.  Good topics of conversation are interesting subjects like travel, intangibles like dreams, exciting adventures you’d love to have, things that sound exciting.

Remember those “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials by Dos XX?  That is the vibe you’re trying for.

I hope this helped you with a few more ideas for how to attract a woman.