How to Please a Woman


how to please a womanHow would you like to know how to please a woman, both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom? If you’ve been in even one relationship with a woman, you know that there has to be some kind of a secret to this. After all, plenty of guys who don’t know how to please a woman go out of their way buying things and rearranging their lives to try and earn a woman’s favor.

If you’ve realized that this doesn’t work and if you are looking for some solid advice that can help you learn how to attract women and create great connections with them, you’ll be excited to learn these simple tips…

Uncommon Knowledge of Female Attraction

Did you know that one of the key secrets to knowing how to please a woman is not going out of your way to please her? Yes, this might sound counterproductive. But women do throw tests at men to see if he’s man enough to stand his ground or fold up under pressure and do whatever he can to please her.

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Women are looking for a man who will protect them and take care of them, so when it comes to choosing men who they’re attracted to, they are more likely to choose a man who they know they can’t boss around too much.

So knowing how to please a woman starts with being able to recognize when you’re being tested, and being able to stick to your own personal values when you are. If you can do this with confidence and certainty, you’ll demonstrate that you are a powerful and decisive man and that you’ll be able to take care of your woman and stand up for her.

This will also make it much easier for you to take control of the relationship and to keep it….which is the role which most women are looking for a man to fulfill in their lives.

How to Please a Woman Emotionally

Knowing how to please a woman emotionally is probably the most challenging skill for a man to master. It requires you to understand the indirect nature in which women communicate. Men are more bottom-line thinkers and would rather skip over the mysterious “guess what I’m thinking/feeling games.” On the other hand, women want you to be able to read between the lines, determine what their needs are and be the man to fulfill those needs.

This can be very confusing unless you understand the needs which are most important to women: certainty and significance. How do you know these are the most important? Just pay attention to the advertising which is directed towards selling women products which “fulfill” their needs for security and for significance. Companies who write this stuff spend billions of dollars a year on research to determine what needs are most important to their buyers.

So when your woman expects you to anticipate your needs, always ask yourself if she is acting out of a need for certainty or a need for significance.

How to Please a Woman Physically

Believe it or not, if you understand how to please a woman emotionally and if you can pass her “tests,” she’ll be much more open to you sexually as well. For women, what happens in the bedroom is the climax of what happens in the rest of your relationship. So if you are not pleasing her emotionally and positioning yourself as a man of confidence and value, things won’t go well in the bedroom either.

So check yourself on these three things and you’ll find it much easier to learn how to please a woman.

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