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fireworks with females review, slade shaw review, fireworks with females by slade shawReviewer: Tyler Stone
Product Reviewed: Fireworks With Females by Slade Shaw

This is a ‘Fireworks with Females’ Review, which I decided to put together shortly after getting a hold of Slade Shaw and Mirabelle Summer’s eBook.

First, I’m sure you’re probably asking the same question as anybody else who purchases a book like this: how in the world can you learn to relate with women from a dinky little Ebook.

Well, the first thing you’ll find as soon as you read this ‘Fireworks with Females’ review is that there are shortcuts in life when you know where to look and if you spend your money wisely.

It’s all about who you’re learning from and whether or not you put what you learned to practice. Of course, the second part of that is up to you…let’s talk about the first…

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How ‘Fireworks With Females’ Came to Be

The author of Fireworks with Females, Slade Shaw started out in very much the same way you probably are right now: they wanted to get better results with women and were both puzzled and frustrated at how it seems that the majority of men are clueless when it comes to creating attraction, while others seem to be natural “GET GIRL GUYS.”

Of course, at first it’s easy for us to believe that the skill of attracting women depends on if you’re born with and not….this book proves otherwise.

You see, the authors clearly explained in this book the painstaking process which they used to discover the principles of creating attraction with women. Believe it or not, there’s really nothing magical or mysterious about principles once you learn what they are. The problem is that most guys who are “naturals” aren’t aware of exactly what they’re doing to create their astounding success with women.

They’ve simply developed the habits, and the habits have become completely subconscious. The authors of this book spent a lot of time observing the “naturals” and slowly but surely they begin to uncover the simple strategies they were using.

Fireworks with Females: More than Just Dating

One thing that Fireworks with Females has that you don’t find in many of these kinds of books today is a personal growth orientation that focuses on much more than just your dating life. So if you want to make sure that you get 100% of the benefits out of this book, you better be willing to make some changes and put in some work.

What you’ll find as you do this is that a lot of men expect different results in their dating life but don’t want to change anything about themselves or their lifestyles….this book will show you exactly why that’s one of the biggest mistakes men are making these days. Here’s just a glimpse at a few of the things which you realize when reading and using this book…

Digging Up the Dirt

Something that I actually thought was a little bit unnerving about the revelations in this book was that they uncovered all the dirt about why most men completely bomb when it comes to creating attraction.

The revelations about the “root words” that women use to secretly communicate interest (or lack of it) are life changing.

I also found that the information about how to speak in “code” was humorous, useful and very insightful. Probably the most eye opening though was the fact that the tone of your voice is so important in whether or not women find you attractive.

As a conclusion to my Fireworks with Females review, I’d say that this definitely belongs in the library of any man who wants to create greater attraction and to increase his options with women.

Just be sure that you’re ready to face some difficult truths and make some changes in order to get what you want.

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